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Ready to Innovate?

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Is your company vulnerable to disruption?

I speak on innovation and personal disruption, delivering my message to more than 50,000 people.

I also lead facilitated sessions for teams and corporations featuring my diagnostic tools and predictive data customized for you.

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You’ve disrupted the industry, have you disrupted yourself?

I coach C-Suite executives across a variety of industries, and understand how executives can create or destroy value.

Grounded in disruptive innovation, I work with executives using stakeholder-centered coaching.

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Where do I start learning about personal disruption?

If you’re ready to begin right away, I suggest starting with one of my books!

I codify my seven-point framework in Disrupt Yourself: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work and my upcoming book from Harvard Business Press. (2018)

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Want to see what personal disruption in action looks like?

Join me twice a month (episodes air every other Thursday) for engaging conversations with disruptors.

Each episode features conversations with authors, business leaders and entrepreneurs representing a wide variety of industries.

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“I have used the word ‘disruption’ to understand how some companies blossom while others wither.

Whitney has applied the word in a new context – to understand why some individuals succeed in remarkable ways.”

– Clayton M. Christensen

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