I just read Jennifer Miller’s list of the 10 Most Read blog posts in 2012.  Which naturally got me curious; so here are the 10 Most Read Dare to Dream blog posts.  More than half are the stories of people sharing their dreams.  If you need a quick pick me-up, take a moment to skim through one or two blogs, you are sure to be inspired.

1.  Interview w/ Tara Sophia Mohr on Playing Big

2.  Rebecca Jackson:  Under the Skin

3.  HBR Dream: Disrupt Yourself

4.  Dads, Daughters and Dreams

5.  Maria-Elena Roner:  Treading a Heroyk Path

6.  Just Family

7.  Summer Reading for Heroic Females

8.  Elizabeth Keeler:  A Farm Girl’s Dream

9.  Brian Shelton:  Life on the Wire

10.  Bullying Goes Beyond the Playground

Which blog posts resonated with you?  Would you like to share your voice with us in 2013?