Better or Bitter Self?

Better or Bitter Self?

2017-02-28T13:50:11+00:00 November 21st, 2012|Personal|

Nearly anyone across the wide, wonderful, world could legitimately argue, myself included, that I have much to be grateful for.

Some of my closest associates know, I could also make a compelling case for my thanks taking a holiday:  we have experienced significant hardship this past year.

As I drove to a meeting this afternoon, I began to dwell on the difficulties, on the death of one of my dreams, my bitter self pulling out the glove of ‘fighting words’ and taking a swing at my better self.

Every day, we stagger at what could surely take us down.
Every single day we are astonished by that which, and those who, buoy us.
We choose which self wins.

I wrote this post because I want my better self to prevail.


If you want to read more about my struggle to be grateful, here’s  Bitter or Grateful?  and 15 Days of Gratitude.

  • Nice.
    Choose forward.
    Thanks for sharing,

  • Bob Monsour

    Thanks for this. I know it speaks to me as I’d guess it speaks to many.


  • Megan Nelson

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, Whitney. You are amazing, and I wish you all the best for the rest of this year and beyond!

  • Sandra

    The important thing I’m learning is the gratitude has nothing to do with what we have already, but about bringing into focus what we can’t yet see. A spiritual mentor of mine always taught “gratitude before the fact”. It’s a principle, that unleashes what lies hidden for us, boundless good. I can only suggest it be tried in ones own experience to see it work. When I’m steadfast, it works. Dr. Maya Angelou said her primary prayer is “Thank you”.


  • Rita

    Thanks for your honesty. I agree that it is a battle as to which self is going to prevail, the bitter or the better self.

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