In making a comment on “Celebrating Systergy”, Katrina Petersen highlighted for us Mother Venture, a business networking group for work/stay-at-home moms; this is a business idea I know some of you will find intriguing.

As I checked in on Katrina’s website to say thank-you, I noticed that she just started a 10-part tutorial via her blog on how to start a blog. For those of you that are noodling with the idea of starting your own blog either because there is some topic that you feel passionate about or simply because you want to use your blog as a means of chronicling the pursuit of your dream — why don’t you drop in on Katrina?

Link: Wowimo: technology.

In the past day or so, did you visit a website, blog, or read an article that you thought one of your friends or colleagues would enjoy? If you haven’t sent it — why not do so right now?

Just as Katrina can mentor you on how to blog (e.g. she makes deposits into the Intellectual Immigration fund; you and I withdraw), what do you love to do that absolutely must be shared? Is it something you’d like to blog about?

If you have heard the call to adventure, and are daring to dream, why not blog about it? As you write, your dream will become real — and what a fabulous Christmas present your “dare to dream” story could make, as you bound your blog entries into a book!