Why I wrote the book Dare, Dream, Do.

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Dare, Dream, Do should be required reading for anyone with a forgotten wish, a pie-in-the-sky fantasy or a quiet dream hidden in their heart. In other words—everyone.”
—Barbara Corcoran, Investor, ABC’s reality show, Shark Tank
Rethink the fundamentals of your life. Disrupt your status quo. That’s Whitney Johnson’s invitation (and challenge) to each of us in Dare, Dream, Do. I urge you to accept her invitation.
—Clayton M. Christensen, professor, Harvard Business School and best-selling author
Whitney Johnson has crafted a wonderful, eloquent and accessible step-by-step prescriptive on how to uncork the bottomless bottle of hidden dreams.
—Craig Hatkoff, Founder of the Tribeca Film Festival, and co-author of the New York Times bestseller, Own and Mzee
In Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney Johnson shows us how to reclaim our dreams and become as daring as we always imagined we could be. It is a book at once poignant and powerful.”
— Marcus Buckingham, best-selling author of StandOut, Now, Discover Your Strengths
Dare, Dream, Do is hopeful, honest, and beautifully written, making dreaming accessible without diminishing its power or magic.”
—Brené Brown, Ph.D., LMSW and author of The Gifts of Imperfection
Every night before I fell asleep my mom would say to me, ‘you can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it’. Dare, Dream, Do is inspiring and eye-opening. Whitney is reminding us how important it is to dream at any age.
-Summer Sanders, Olympic gold medalist swimmer, sports commentator and reporter
After reading Whitney Johnson’s book, Dare, Dream, Do, I’ve decided I want to be the Easter Bunny. You’ll have to read her engaging book to understand — I hope you will.
—Alicia Morga, Founder and former CEO of Consorte Media
There are just a few books where you want to read every single word. Dare, Dream, Do by Whitney Johnson is one of those rare books. Every page is filled with stories, with wisdom, and with unusual insights that inspire and guide us in how to dream, but more importantly, how to turn our dreams into realities so that we can live lives we most want to live.
—Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute, Author, Mind in the Making
Dare, Dream, Do encourages women to dream so our children can dream. We all have the desire to create, to make the world a more beautiful place – I do this through dance. As a single mother, and working in the dance industry, there are days I want to pack my bags and go home. But I push through – and keep dreaming – for my daughter. Because one day I hope to hear her say “My mom conquered the world. I can too.”
—Allison Holker, So You Think You Can Dance All-Star
In Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney encourages us to be the heroes of our story, and helps us realize that dreaming is the essence of our life and that our happiness depends on our pursuit of those dreams.
—Laura de Laviada, Chairman of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (NYSE: PAC), Director of Royal Caribbean Cruises, Telmex International and Grupo Financiero Inbursa
We live in an era of ever-expanding opportunity and influence for women worldwide, but until women really start to dream big, we will never have the influence we can and must. Whitney Johnson’s message is clear — tap into your dearly held dreams and you can change your life and shape the world around you for good. It is never too late to live your dreams!
—Maddy Dychtwald,Co-founder, Age Wave, and author of “Influence:  How Women’s Soaring Economic Power will Transform our World for the Better”
Dare, Dream, Do is a roadmap on how to dream, to give those dreams definition, and to work to make those dreams come to fruition.  Full of interesting life stories that teach lessons by example, the book helps to uncover new ways of finding yourself, finding your voice and finding your ultimate goal. You will find encouragement and excitement that will push you to dare to dream.
—Boris Groysberg, professor, Harvard Business School
Whitney Johnson has written a book that will inspire you to write your own story and invent your own dreams and in Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney provides a roadmap to help give your dreams life.  As a big believer in the power of dreaming, I recommend this book to help you take your dreams from possibility to a reality you never knew existed.
—Maxine Clark, Founder, Chairman and Chief Executive Bear, Build-A-Bear Workshop
Dare, Dream, Do is a well of wisdom, strategy and shared personal experiences of women who have overcome the mundane by choosing to dream, and living to dream.  Motivated by her own learned sense of dreaming and seeking after her own passions, Whitney convinces women that dreaming isn’t senseless, but that it’s actually necessary for purposeful living. She offers both motivation and a strategy for coming out of our shells and doing what we were meant to do….and truly gifted to do. Dare.DreamD.o is the sideline coach we all need to see that our secret wants and dreams are realized.
—Sarah Wright,children’s book illustrator and textile designer, Sarah Jane Studios
Dare, Dream, Do is a book poised to make a difference.  Each woman has dreams buried inside, dreams which need to be spoken, brought forth and made real….but all too often they are not.  Author Whitney Johnson shares poignant stories of inspiration to take us into real-life pivotal moments, and then wraps critical frameworks around them.  The goal:  to get us mining our own psyche for our most important and unspoken dreams.  Even if you’re not a woman, but have a wife, sister, girlfriend, daughter, niece, or friend whom you care about, read it.  Nudging our world’s women to dare to dream, and make her dreams happen — will make the tide rise for everyone.
—Tereza Nemessanyi, Founder + CEO, Honestly, Now
Dare, Dream, Do is compelling as a biographical account of the American Dream, Whitney’s dream, playing out. But her path is more powerful and mysterious than a dream because young Whitney could not have dreamed up where she is today. Talent, hard work, passion and yes serendipity got her to this place. Dare to Dream is also inspirational. While Whitney’s and others’ journeys made me rethink my own, including setbacks and regrets, more than anything it affirmed that I am better today than yesterday and my best dreams and wins may in fact be just starting to unfold. Dreaming big is what the strongest brands do.  So…take Whitney’s dare.  The brand of YOU – the most important brand – will be glad you did.
—Kevin Randall, Director, Brand Strategy & Research, Movéo, and Columnist, Fast Company
As an accomplished business leader, Whitney Johnson acutely understands how to translate ambitions into action. Dare, Dream, Do not only ignites the courage to pursue your aspirations, but also serves as a powerful guide to achieve what once may have seemed out of reach.
—Moira Forbes, Publisher ForbesWoman>
Whitney Johnson maps out a masterpiece for women that is filled with wisdom, strategies, fascinating stories, and all that matters most in life. She takes us on a journey as we learn to express our dreams, embrace our powers, and expand our hearts. Dare, Dream, Do is an incredible book. I want to give this book to every woman I know.
—Lolly Daskal, President and Founder of Lead From Within: Heart based Leadership for Work and Life
Whether you are just setting off on the journey to adulthood, making a career transition, nurturing a family, or looking for meaning in an empty nest, Dare, Dream, Do will inspire you. And whether your dream is to start an orphanage, a dress company, or a family of eight, you’ll find your story here. Don’t know what your dream is? Whitney Johnson gives you the tools to dig it out, ‘date’ it, commit to it, and make it happen. I love this book! I’ll be sending it to just about every woman I know.
—Wendy Ulrich, founder of Sixteen Stones Center for Growth, partner at the RBL Group, and co-author of The Why of Work
Every woman, regardless of age or profession, should read Dare, Dream, Do. Through stories of real women, their dreams and their struggles, Johnson’s book has created an instant community. What’s more, she has opened the door for women to empower themselves to dare, dream and do.
—Joanne Wilson, angel investor, The Gotham Gal, and co-founder of the Women’s Entrepreneur Festival
Wow. Right from Whitney Johnson’s heart directly on to the pages of Dare, Dream, Do. Read this important book today. It will inspire you to become the gatekeeper of your own dreams and take personal control of achieving them. Johnson’s passion is compelling. It’s worth daring to be great…
—Saul Kaplan, Founder and Chief Catalyst, Business Innovation Factory
Dare, Dream, Do belongs in every success toolkit. Business leader and master storyteller, Whitney Johnson shows how remarkable things happen when we dare to claim our strengths, own our dreams, and do what we’re meant to do. A fabulous guide for business and for life…
—Liz Strauss, international business strategist and author of Successful-Blog.com
As a lifelong dreamer, I was immediately intrigued (and even moved to tears) by Whitney Johnson’s observations that women feel it isn’t their privilege to dream, and that most people don’t dream well in isolation. In this book, Johnson inspires a shift in mindset to resolve these two problems. She makes a case for the importance of dreaming and quips readers with the reflective fodder to identify their dreams and bring them to fruition via elegant prose, insightful questions, community-driven stories, and Johnson’s own intriguing personal history. Whether you’re trying to identify your dream, forge a new path, or confirm that you’re on the right one, Dare, Dream, Do will inspire you to rock your personal space and also think beyond it – whether that means paying it forward, creating collaborative teams, or showing your children how to dream.
—Christine Koh, neuroscientist turned writer, editor, designer, and digital strategist (ChristineKoh.com)
Read this book for your soul and read it for your future! Join Whitney on an inspired journey toward realizing the power and potential in yourself. Relish in the magnificent and wise reflections of strong women who are living their dreams and being their best. Learn how to catalog your talents and channel them toward a thrilling future. Then start dreaming BIG.
—Betsy Morgan, former CEO The Huffington Post, and president of The Blaze
Inspiring and honest, Dare, Dream, Do really touched me. For someone who grew up with a single mother in a small town in Finland and got through the ranks of the highly competitive American fashion industry, hanging on to one’s inner dreams is a must. Whitney writes in a straightforward engaging way and analyzes the wonderful magic of believing in your dreams. Dare, Dream, Do is a book that I would highly recommend for anyone in the beginning of their careers, or in the middle wondering if they are realizing their full potential in life.
—Johanna Uurasjarvi, Creative Director, Leifsdottir, former Creative Director, Anthropologie

  1. Give yourself permission to dream then share your dream with a spouse or a friend, or in your journal or planner.
  2. Create a Dare, Dream, Do Circle, and start dreaming with your friends.
  3. Date a dream this week.
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  5. Post on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, and elsewhere about the book and your dreams.
  6. Print your favorite Dare, Dream, Do quotes and hang them in your home as motivational reminders or frame one for an inspirational gift for a friend.
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  10. Above all, dare, dream – then do!