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Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work

Consider this simple yet powerful idea: disruptive companies and ideas upend markets by doing something truly different—they see a need, an empty space waiting to be filled, and they dare to create something for which a market may not yet exist.As president and co-founder of Rose Park Advisors’ Disruptive Innovation Fund with Clayton Christensen, Whitney Johnson utilized the theory of disruptive innovation to invest in publicly traded stocks and private early stage companies.  In this book, she will help you understand how the frameworks of disruptive innovation can apply to you:

This book is for YOU if you are:

  • a high potential individual charting your career trajectory
  • a leader trying to jumpstart innovative thinking in your company
  • a self-starter ready to make a disruptive pivot in your business

This book is for your COMPANY if:

  • revenue growth is peaking and you need to reinvent
  • innovative thinking among your management team has stalled
  • industry changes are making the future uncertain

We are living in an era of accelerating disruption—managing the S-curve waves of learning and mastering is a requisite skill.  If you want to be successful in unexpected ways, follow your own disruptive path. Dare to innovate. Do something astonishing. Disrupt yourself™.

In Dare, Dream, Do, Whitney Johnson shows us, through story and practice, how to reclaim our dreams and become as daring as we always imagined we could be. It is a book at once poignant and powerful.
Marcus Buckingham, First, Break All the Rules
Every night before I fell asleep my mom would say to me, “You can do anything you want to as long as you put your mind to it.” Dare, Dream, Do is inspiring and eye-opening. Whitney is reminding us how important it is to dream at any age.
Summer Sanders, Olympic gold medalist swimmer, sports commentator and reporter
There are just a few books where you want to read every single word. Dare, Dream, Do by Whitney Johnson is one of those rare books. Every page is filled with stories, with wisdom, and with unusual insights that inspire and guide us in how to dream, but more importantly, how to turn our dreams into realities so that we can live lives we most want to live.

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Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare To Dream

Whitney Johnson, popular Harvard Business Review blogger, has a goal: to help us identify and achieve our dreams. Her belief is that we can each achieve greater happiness when focusing both on our dreams and on other people in our lives. In this inspiring book, Johnson directs her attention to teaching women, in particular, a three-step model for personal advancement and happiness. She first encourages us to DARE to boldly step out, to consider disrupting life as we know it. Then she teaches us how to DREAM, to give life to the many possibilities available, whether to start a business, run a marathon, or travel the world. She shows us how to “date” our dreams (no need to commit!) and how to make space for dreams. Finally, Whitney’s model brings out the businesswoman in her; she teaches us to DO, to execute our dreams. She showcases the importance of sharing dreams with others to give them life, creating your own “dream team.” Rich with real stories of women who have dared to dream, DARE, DREAM, DO offers a practical framework to realize one’s true potential.

In her mid-twenties, Whitney found herself in New York, where she landed a secretarial job on Wall Street. With no relevant experience, and a bit shy on confidence, she contemplated her future and her dreams. Through determination and hard work, Whitney became an investment banker, moving to the analyst side of the business, executing the plans she’d laid out for herself. Naively, she thought most women were following similar paths until she started talking and found that many women were not daring to dream at all. It was because of these conversations that she started a blog in 2006, which became the inspiration for this book. DARE, DREAM, DO is full of remarkable stories of women, which will no doubt inspire others to follow suit. Although Whitney focuses on the stories of women, her blog is popular with men as well, and her advice speaks to either gender.