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Dreams While We Are Sleeping

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Have you read the Reader's Digest article titled 'Dare to Dream: What happens in your head at night is more important than you think'? According to scientific research, our dreams communicate to our conscious mind what our subconscious mind is worried about (or not) thus helping us work through the day's emotional quandaries. Let me give you a few examples: 1) Several years ago, I met a woman that I wanted to be friends with, but in my waking life I wasn't sure I could trust her. That is, until I dreamt about two different people (one man, one woman) in my distant past whom I couldn't trust. When I juxtaposed how I felt when I interacted with this woman vs. the other two individuals, my subconscious was telling me I could absolutely trust her.

When We Say No

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I say No, No, No No, No, No--until I see one that is exactly what I am looking for. And then I say Yes. All I have to do is say Yes a few times in my life and I've made my fortune.We say no a thousand times before we can yes. Warren Buffett When we say 'no', what are we saying 'yes 'to? As a parent, when we say 'no' to TV before our children play outside, aren't we saying yes to their physical and emotional health? As a job seeker/student when we say 'no' to the internship that is handily ours so as to seek out one that isn't, aren't we saying 'yes' to discovering skills sets we didn't know we had? If I'm Paula Abdul and I say 'no' I didn't like that number, am I not saying 'yes' to my words meaning something?

Rick Riordan’s ‘Golden Fleece’

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In Rick Riordan's book 'The Sea of Monsters', the second in a series of children's novels loosely based on ancient Greek mythology, the magical tree that guards Camp Half-Blood has been poisoned. Perseus (Percy) Jackson, a half-blood son of Poseidon, and Annabeth, half-blood daughter of Athena, have only days to find the Golden Fleece, the one magical item, that will heal the tree before Camp Half-Blood is overrun by monsters. After the Golden Ram was sacrificed, the Golden Fleece hung on a tree in the middle of the kingdom.... It's striking that as Psyche continues her journey to really grow up, her second task requires her to gather fleece that has the power to heal.

Fielding a ‘Dare to Dream’ Team

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We don't get our dreams done on our own. We weren't meant to. Which is why we need 'dare to dream' teams. Like my 'dare to dream' creative team. For instance, Brandon Jameson designed the logo and banner for 'dare to dream', for Know Your Neighbor AND my personal stationery. Brandon's design work visually captures what I hope to convey in words....As I analyze the dynamic of my relationship with this creative 'dream team', there seem to be some broadly applicable observations: 1) Start with short-term projects...

The Myth of Psyche

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According to psychologists Jean Shinoda Bolen and Robert Johnson, there are very few stories that describe the psychology of feminine, rather than masculine, development. The myth of Psyche is one of them. To become who she is – to accomplish all that she is meant to – Psyche needs to not only love and nurture and care and connect, she also must learn to sort through and prioritize her possibilities, to obtain power without selling her soul, keep her eyes on her prize, and say no. May I now share with you Mallika Sundaramurthy's original Myth of Psyche illustrations?

Getting In the Game

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I went to a Celtics game last week -- my first actually. I was neither a player, nor a cheerleader, but a spectator. But you know. I didn't feel like a spectator. Perhaps because my friend Kim had purchased four tickets at the East End House's Cooking for a Cause benefit, and invited two up-and-coming professional women, and myself, along. There is something empowering about paying our own way. Remember the Destiny Child's song, "all the honeys making money, throw your hands up at me?" Well, I'm throwing my hands up at Kim. Then there were the remarkably short lines in the women's bathroom...

What is Your Dream?

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After my 'dare to dream' presentation last week, several women asked for my list of questions that I use for brainstorming. I thought you'd like to see them too: 1) What do I think about when I don’t have to think about anything? When I go to the bookstore, what kinds of books do I look at? Which magazines do I leaf through? 2) What did I love to do as a young girl? What did I love to do as a young girl?

Martha and Mary

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Do you remember the biblical story of Mary and Martha, the two sisters who host Jesus in their home -- Martha focuses on preparing and serving the meal, while Mary sits at His feet, listening and learning? Do you also remember that when Martha says to her guest -- Is it really alright that I'm doing all of attending to you and she's not?, He responds, Yes. "Mary hath chosen the good part." As a study in feminine psychology, I find this story intriguing. We generally consider women to be feminine within the context of a relationship, or when we are giving something (resources or recognition) to someone else.

The Hazards of ‘Getting in the Game’

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"Throw down your pom-poms and get in the game." A phrase I heard frequently during the late 80's, early 90's while working on Wall Street. In one of my very first posts (see below), I boldly implored women to throw down our pom-poms, get in the game, our game, and be the hero of our story. 1 1/2 years later, I am astonished that I employed this metaphor. I knew about being a cheerleader, but as an early days Title IX gal, I've never played competitive sports, and thus had no experience with 'literally' getting in the game. Ahh, the bluster of inexperience.

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