7 07, 2015

Caitie Whelan | Lightning Notes

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One of the most generous networkers I know, Deb Mills-Scofield, introduced me to Caitie Whelan. Caitie is a former Congressional policy staffer turned Founder/Noter-in-Chief of The Lightning Notes, a short daily post to help us move the world forward. Here's her story.   *** In my head, the elevator pitch went like this: I’m Caitie Whelan. [...]

25 06, 2015

Shana Novak | TheHeirloomist

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Shana Novak a New York City-based still life photographer, and founder of TheHeirloomist. She photographs family heirlooms and turns them into life-size fine art. This is her story of how the TheHeirloomist came to be. My Grandmother was a story teller and the keeper of the family heirlooms. She kept a number of carefully organized [...]

27 05, 2015

Shelly Burr | My Daughter Has Spina Bifida

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Recently Kristy Williams hosted a book club event featuring Dare, Dream, Do*. Shelly Burr, who was there that evening, decided she needed to put a portion of her family's story in writing.  After Kristy connected us, I invited Shelly to tell her story here.  Enjoy. “We saw something on the ultrasound.” With those words, the [...]

7 05, 2015

Rita Sepulveda | My Menudo (Tripe and Onions)

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I met Rita Sepulveda (bio below) a couple of years ago.  After subscribing to my newsletter, she won a gratis coaching session. We had a lovely conversation and have stayed in touch. She graciously agreed to guest blog.  Enjoy! One of my favorite books is The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis. It is a fictional story about a demon and his instructions to [...]

20 04, 2015

Elizabeth Keeler |The Next Wave of Feminism

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Below is a post from Elizabeth Keeler.  Previously she wrote A Farm Girl's Dream and you can also find her writing in Dare, Dream, Do.  Enjoy.  The art is courtesy of Leslie Graff. A few months ago I accidentally stepped back in time to the decade before the cultural revolution of the 60’s. It was [...]

20 02, 2015

Lori Cash Richards | The Endeavor and Coming Home

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The following post is an excerpt from a book titled Letting the Upside In by Lori Cash Richards, one of my dear friends from when I first arrived in New York.  It is a beautiful story. On October 13, 2012, when I was silently drawn by the strange pull that I had to see the [...]

16 12, 2014

Viniece Jennings | Piecing Together My Strengths

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Viniece Jennings is a Senior Fellow in the Environmental Leadership Program. I met Viniece when I spoke at the NextGen Conference in Washington, was intrigued, and have asked her to guest blog.  Enjoy! Recently, I (Viniece) took the Strengths Finder survey. I was both reassured and surprised by the results. Some of my top strengths [...]

17 11, 2014

Ashley Masters | Raises Her Hand

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I met Ashley Masters about a year ago while she was studying here in Cambridge, MA.  She reached out again after reading my piece The Problem When You Aren't in Pain.  I then invited her to share her journey over the past couple of years.  I like what she has to say.  I hope you [...]

27 10, 2014

Melissa Ovard | Why I (Really) Started Girl Lux

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I (Whitney) connected with Melissa Ovard (bio below) via our mutual friend Laura Christopherson Redford (warm introductions are the best!).  The impetus for connecting was to get the word out about Melissa's business GirlLux (yes, I think this is a perfect product for Shark Tank), but also take a read of her very compelling personal [...]