30 09, 2014

Mamak Charepoo | Making Music with Money

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I met Mamak Charepoo this summer at the South Shore Women's Business Network; she has a Masters degree in Music from Carnegie Mellon, and in Fine Arts from Arizona State.  Recently, she's learned to make music with money and she's coaching others on how to do the same.  Here's her story. *** All my life [...]

15 09, 2014

Alexandra Watkins | Eat My Words

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My friend and colleague Becky Robinson recently shared with me Alexandra Watkins story - which I love!  And she's just published a book titled Hello My Name is Awesome: How to Create Brand Names That Stick.  Enjoy! Growing up in a California beach suburb, I was hardly an academic superstar. High school bored me. My [...]

11 09, 2014

McArthur Krishna | I refuse to be bored in my own life

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Several months ago McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding e-mailed me about a book they were writing titled Girls Who Choose God.  Below is a lot more about McArthur's life.  You won't be bored -- I promise. When I sat down and opened the slightly grungy envelope, I had no idea what was inside.  I [...]

31 08, 2014

Bethany Brady Spalding | I Dream of Being a Change-Maker

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Several months ago McArthur Krishna and Bethany Brady Spalding e-mailed me about a book they were writing titled Girls Who Choose God.  Because I've taught The Old Testament in Sunday School for the past year, I loved the concept.  I love the book even more.  Today I am sharing Bethany's story (her bio is below).  [...]

26 06, 2014

Rowena Montoya | How I Started JulieAnn Caramels

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I met Rowena Montoya when I spoke at a Time Out for Women event in early 2014; I was immediately delighted by her story (turns out we are also both from San Jose).  Plus, I couldn't stop eating her caramels. They are delicious.  Enjoy her story! When the economy came crashing down, it affected my [...]

22 05, 2014

Alya Naseer | Don’t Change, A Mother’s Letter of Love For Her Daughter

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About a year ago, one of my Twitter friends, Tanveer Naseer shared that his 14 year-old daughter Alya had written a book titled Don't Change, A Mother's Letter of Love for Her Daughter.  Wanting to support Alya in her dream, I purchased a copy, and subsequently asked if she'd be interested in guest posting and [...]

18 03, 2014

Avni Patel Thompson | Be the Change

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I met Avni (you can read her full bio below) at a blog-to-book event at HBS several years ago; we have stayed in touch, and one of her essays is in the 2nd printing of Dare, Dream, Do.  May you enjoy reading about her entrepreneurial dream.     “Be the change you wish to see [...]

8 03, 2014

Christine Damitz | Angel Outfitters

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I met Christine Damitz at Time Out for Women in Layton.  I was so taken by her story about loss and renewal, I immediately asked her to guest blog. The turn of the century found me as a newly married, stay-at-home wife, with no college experience, and intimidated by my new environment. Doubt crept in.  [...]

28 02, 2014

Nina Dejmanee | My Experimental Career

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Nina and I became acquainted through social media. When I learned that she was becoming an entrepreneur, and was committed enough to travel from Australia to Joanne Wilson's WE Festival in New York, I asked Nina to share her story.  Here it is! *** I indulged myself in a minor career crisis recently. I speak [...]

14 01, 2014

Jenn Aubert | Role Models Wanted and Found

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Earlier this year, Erin Newkirk, founder of RedStamp, asked if I would be interviewed for Jenn Aubert's book project.  When Erin asks I say yes.  So we spoke.  Below is Jenn's story.  You'll be happy to know I detected absolutely no fear as we spoke -- by phone.  Oh, the wonderful things that happen when [...]