31 12, 2014

No Sugar for #31Days

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You've inspired me @tamaranitai and @TueNight. No refined sugar for #30days beginning January 1. I'll report daily. c @gretchenrubin — Whitney Johnson (@johnsonwhitney) December 31, 2014 It may seem a little rash. But it isn't. Two weeks ago, Dr. Ang reminded me I was pre-diabetic. He'd actually sent me a letter a couple of months [...]

25 10, 2014

The Problem When You Aren’t in Pain

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"You aren't blogging enough." "I miss hearing your voice." That's what Becky Robinson, social media guru who launched my book Dare, Dream, Do, said to me last week at the Indiana Governor's Conference for Women. She's absolutely right.  I'm not blogging enough.  I'm not taking my own advice to show up -- the more I [...]

27 08, 2014

The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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I just published a course on Lynda.com titled The Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship. If you've been thinking about starting a business and aren't sure where to start, or you've started but need some inspiration to keep going, take a look at how to vet your idea, launch lean, grow and scale, and look for funding to [...]

20 07, 2014

A Portion of Thyself: Thoughts on Mentoring

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Two weeks ago I reached out to Ruth Ann Harnisch for some coaching -- yep, coaches need coaches too. She was gracious, laser-like, wise, and helped me make a huge course correction. In the intervening weeks, I've wondered -- why haven't I sought out more people to coach and/or mentor me? I've gone on record [...]

18 05, 2014

Today I Can

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I had been in New York for the day pitching Springboard Fund. Our 13 yr-old Miranda had just arrived home from Nature's Classroom. And our 17 yr-old son David was just home from prom. The three of us were hanging out:  Miranda watching Japanese anime, David sending/receiving post-prom texts and checking Facebook, and me reading [...]

4 05, 2014

When Your Anchor is Away

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"My wife was gone; we ate ramen all week." Over the years, I've heard a lot of men make some derivative of this joke.  Often powerful men.  I think it was supposed to be a compliment, to express appreciation. I found it a bit condescending. Until last week. My husband had traveled to Salt Lake [...]

9 02, 2014

Noah’s Ark: When Is It Too Late?

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I'm teaching a lesson in Sunday School this morning about Noah's Ark,  a story many of us have heard since we were children -- people were wicked, the earth would flood, God told Noah to build an ark, only Noah's family and the animals listened, everyone else drowned. My unfiltered response even now is "This [...]