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How I Started Coaching

When I took a sabbatical from Wall Street in 2005, and I was no longer working 80+ hours a week, I had time to talk with friends and friends of friends, and ask them what their dream is. Then, without even thinking, I would dare them to do something to make the dream happen. I frequently volunteered to help. I also invited people to share the stories of their dreams on my blog. Having done this over and again,my friend and social media expert Chrysula Winegar, said — “You not only invest in stocks, you take stock in people and their dreams.” It was only a short step from my informal coaching, to a formal role as coach where I now coach in the Executive Education program at Harvard Business School and in private practice.  And I love to coach–whether positioning an individual as a thought leader, taking your career to the next level, launching a business, or helping you to jump to the new curve of a career!


My Worldview

Having co-founded an investment firm with Harvard’s Clayton Christensen (The Innovator’s Dilemma), I have immersed myself in the frameworks of disruption innovation, discovering that companies don’t just disrupt, people do. My focus on personal disruption is complemented by my having been coached by a Jungian-trained psychologist for the past two decades. It is my belief that it is our privilege and birthright to dream – and that dreaming is the engine of disruption. If you’d like to know more about me, you can read my Harvard Business Review blogs, and read my book Dare, Dream, Do: Remarkable Things Happen When You Dare to Dream.

My Approach

In working with you, I view myself as your thought and accountability partner. I begin by asking lots of questions (e.g. your biggest challenges in life to date, and what you hope to accomplish with coaching) via a questionnaire. I typically work with people who are looking to become a thought leader, move to the next level in your career, start a business, or change career paths — and they are trying to figure out how to get from here to there — in short, how to disrupt themselves. I am equally comfortable working via e-mail, Skype or phone. I coach on a vending machine basis, one session at a time, rather than a flat fee for a specific period of time. After each session, I provide my notes of observations and action items.  


Ready to Hear More?

I am a coach and facilitator to large and small groups at Fortune 500 companies, universities including Harvard Business School, and early stage/growth companies, including Chatbooks and Shabby Apple, and to high potential individuals. Ready to start the conversation? E-mail me, and let’s start talking.

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