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Disrupt Yourself Podcast

Best-selling author Whitney Johnson explores her passion for personal disruption through engaging conversations with disruptors. Each episode reveals new insights about how we work, learn, and live.

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Lee Caraher: Inspiring Loyalty in Millennial Employees

One of the most delightful statements that has emerged in my Disrupt Yourself Podcast interviews thus far came from Lee Caraher, guest on episode 24: “I started my career in public relations basically because my [...]

  • Lolly Daskal - Episode 23 Disrupt Yourself Podcast

Lolly Daskal: Leading with Competence and Capability

My guest on the Disrupt Yourself Podcast is Lolly Daskal, a top-notch executive coach to Fortune 500 CEOs and the like, business strategist and author of the newly published The Leadership Gap. We had a [...]

Wendy Sachs: Stepping Back To Slingshot Forward

One of the seven accelerants of personal disruption that I have elaborated in my work is the ‘step back to grow.’ Avoiding stagnation, battling entitlement or simply positioning ourselves to take advantage of future desired [...]

Patrick McGinnis: How to Be a 10% Entrepreneur

Patrick McGinnis—venture capitalist and author of The 10% Entrepreneur—is my guest on the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, Episode 21 . He’s on a mission to ensure that anyone who would like to test the waters of [...]

Kara Goldin: There’s A Lot To Be Learned From Unbelievers

In an age of constant invention, it amazes me that people still say, “If it could’ve been done, it would’ve been done.” But that’s what Kara Goldin heard from many directions when she launched Hint, [...]

Adda Birnir: The Disruptive Power of Mentorship

I’ve recently been emphasizing the importance of mentors—and the reciprocal imperative to recognize and appreciate these people and the tremendous asset they are to us. Adda Birnir is my guest for Episode 19 of the [...]

Naveen Rajdev: Bridging Leadership and Management

When I was in college, a speaker at the university’s weekly forum addressed the subject of leadership versus management. He referred to the shift from the former to the later as ‘fatal.’ The statement resonates [...]

Chrysula Winegar: Harnessing the Disruptive Power of Motherhood

Hey! Give yourself (or your favorite mom) a Mother’s Day gift — episode 17 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast! My guest is Chrysula Winegar, Senior Director for Communications and Special Initiatives at the United Nations Foundation. [...]

Paula Froelich: Travel Alone and Take a Gap Year

Paula Froelich is the go-to guru of world travel, especially for women who may want/need to travel solo. The former editor-in-chief of Yahoo Travel and headliner of the travel program A Broad Abroad is also [...]

Asi Burak: Changing the Game for Games

Asi Burak is CEO, Power Play; and Chairman, Games for Change. He has also been named one of the “Digital 25: Leaders in Emerging Entertainment” by the Producers Guild of America (PGA) and Variety Magazine. And he’s [...]

Susan Cain: Unlocking The Disruptive Power Of Introverts

How do you sell two million copies of your book? You write a disruptive book, one with a revolutionary thesis that talks about a topic no one else is talking about, a subject that plays [...]

Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40: The Boss We All Want to Be

My guest on episode 13 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, Garry Ridge, CEO of WD-40 Company, is a leaders’ leader; not only the kind of boss we all wish we had, but also the kind [...]

Marco Rosamilia: Need a Metaphor for Disrupting Yourself, Try the Flying Trapeze

My guest on Episode 12 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast is Marco Rosamilia. Together with his brother, Anthony, Marco is the founder, owner and operator of I Fly Trapeze, a flying trapeze school, that also [...]

Meredith Kopit-Levien: On the Front Line of Journalism

Once upon a time, a newspaper was a newspaper was a newspaper. News was gathered, organized, edited and printed. The finished product was then sold—daily, weekly, occasionally monthly—at bookstores and newsstands, delivered to homes and [...]

Patrick Pichette: How This Former CFO of Google Disrupted Himself

The former CFO of Google, Patrick Pichette, is my guest on the 10th episode of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast. I think you’ll find, as I did, that Patrick has valuable insights on many of the [...]

Stacy London: Getting Fired From Mademoiselle Is Exactly What She Needed

Stacy London, television fashion guru and bestselling author, is my guest on Episode 9 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast. Early in her career she spent four years at Mademoiselle magazine. Then came a new editor-in-chief, [...]

Bernie Swain: Sometimes You Can’t Justify The Risk, But You Do It Anyway

Bernie Swain, Chairman and Founder of Washington Speakers Bureau, is my guest on episode 8 of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast. He is a little older than my previous guests. Retirement age, in fact. [...]

Sarah Feingold: Disrupt at the Intersection of Your Creative Passion

One thing! Find ONE thing you love to do–and do it! That’s the secret to a successful career. But what if you can’t decide? You love to do two or three things? […]

James Altucher: Disruption in the Face of Failure

What do you do when you fail and fail again? […]

Coss Marte: From Prison Inmate to Legitimate Entrepreneur

Coss Marte is the founder of ConBody, a gym headquartered in New York City. ConBody is located on the same New York street corner where he once ran a drug business. While he was in prison, [...]

Isha Johansen: How A Philanthropic Project Became A Premier Soccer Team

Isha Johansen, hero of the Disrupt Yourself podcast’s fourth episode, knows well the power of constraints. She's a native of Sierra Leone. After a civil war that shattered her country, she wanted to get boys [...]

Brian Moran: An Entrepreneur With the Gift of Learning From Failure

Brian Moran is a business consultant who has the gift of learning from failure. Here's one of the most interesting insights from our conversation–Brian has learned the ‘right’ way to fire someone. Why? Because [...]

Raju Narisetti: Don’t You Kind Of Wish He Were Your Boss?

Raju Narisetti immigrated from India as a young man. He had little more than the clothes on his back. He subsequently rose to become the Managing Editor of The Washington Post, Head of the Digital Network [...]

Michelle McKenna-Doyle: Disrupting the NFL

I’m thrilled to announce the debut of the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, a project I’ve been disrupting myself with these past few months. Our first episode features a conversation with the Chief Information Officer of the [...]