Prop the Doors of Possibility Open

Prop the Doors of Possibility Open

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One of the best ways to see possibility and to get in a derring-do frame of mind is to be surrounded by visual reminders as Saydi Eyre Shumway poignantly writes in The Snapshot That Changed My Life.  One visual that especially captivates me is this quote from Avni Patel Thompson that Aarean Jergensen then beautifully rendered for my Pinterest page.

If you are looking for a small Santa gift, why not print out one of these quotes (they are all here as my gift to you), and frame one or several for your wall?

P.S. If there is a quote about dreaming that you haven’t seen graphically rendered, and you would like it to be — leave a comment below.  And let’s see what we can do about that!








  • As a former cheerleader (pre-title-9), I would love to see a snappy graphic rendering of the phrase you used in your Tedx talk – “Throw down your pom-poms and get in the game.”

    PS: Love your direct and intentional co-mingling of high-powered business concepts and girly self-empowerment talk –there is totally room for both … or better, for the new third thing they create when combined. Thanks for that.

  • I have a few ‘phrases’ that I believe you’d like to have graphically rendered.. We’ll see!

    “Invest in yourself, and reap the benefits”

    “Let’s invest in only those things with good side effects”

    “Love = Safety, go ahead, do the math”

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