Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter

Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter

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Think Like Zuck by Ekaterina Walter, Intel’s social innovator, is a quick, enjoyable read about Mark Zuckerberg and the rise of Facebook, a social media platform integral to many of our lives. Because Facebook (and Twitter) have taught me to think in sound bites, for your 140-character consumption, here is some of what I underlined:

“Facebook is the world’s largest enabler of human communication.” – @ekaterina

“If Facebook were a country, it would be the third largest in the world, behind China and India.” v @ekaterina


“There is no such thing as failure if you really want to pursue your dream.” – @ekaterina

“Originality is nonexistent; authenticity is invaluable.” – Jim Jarmusch v @ekaterina

“Build what you believe in.”  – @ekaterina

“Paycheck over passion:  Pursue your dream now and think about money later.” – @ekaterina

“People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.” – Simon Sinek v @ekaterina

“Code wins arguments: instead of debating, prototype and see what works.” — Zuckerberg v @ekaterina

“You aren’t disrupting, if you aren’t making someone uncomfortable.” – Deborah Conrad v @ekaterina

“I care more about my employees than I do about my customers, more about my customers than I do about breathing.” v @garyvee @ekaterina

“1st day on-the-job for Facebook engineers: Get a bug to fix, once it works, push the change live.” – @ekaterina #activationphenomenon

“Success is a team sport.  No one person can possess all the skills to make a dream a reality at large scale.” – @ekaterina

“True collaboration is a powerful thing: people are naturally drawn to co-create.” – @ekaterina

“You get the shareholders you deserve.” – Warren Buffett v @ekaterina


Finally, and a fascinating piece of research (page 32) — According to American author and journalist Srully Blotnick, during a twenty year period (1960-1980), 1,500 business graduates were asked whether they planned to pursue their dream straightaway or chase financial security.  83% responded they would wait until they were financially set, 17% would go for their dreams.  Twenty years later, out of the 255 graduates that chose what they loved, 100 were millionaires.  Of the 1,245 who chose a paycheck over passion, only one became a millionaire.”


Which of these quotes most speak to you?

  • Diane

    I love the employees, customers and breathing quote……I think I would put breathing first, but I haven’t missed the point.

  • I like the quota below. There is nothing better and more powerful than doing. It is so easy to be come enamored with ideas but everything is in the execution.

    Code wins arguments: instead of debating, prototype and see what works.

  • Love this, especially the final paragraph. Apparently it pays to dream (but only if we pursue them).