I Don’t Like To Wash My Hair

I Don’t Like To Wash My Hair

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When I was twelve, I refused to wash my hair for two weeks.

I wish I could still refuse.

One morning a few weeks ago, I announced to my husband (yet again) I didn’t want to wash my hair to which he quipped, “You should blog about that.”

I think I will.

Is it the time involved?
A little.

Don’t I feel better when my hair is clean?
Of course I do.

audrey hepburn

When I was twelve, I did NOT want to be a girl who primped.  This was, of course, at odds with desperately wanting the boys to like me.  So I still didn’t wash my hair, but I played dumb. I didn’t want to be an object, but I did want to be the object of their affection.  This grooming thing especially bothered my mom; she’d been a model in San Francisco before she married – SWEET rebellion.

Now that I am a bona fide adult, perhaps I can start washing my hair and enjoying it.  Another contradiction? One of my favorite treats is a wash and style.

A shorthand way to get at our deeply-held beliefs is to examine the lyrics of songs and quotes from books we especially like.  I am realizing there also clues in the little things we do (or won’t do) habitually — just look for the why.

What do you do habitually?
What does this tell you about your deeply held beliefs?

  • Hi Whitney – This is an amusing post. Makes me think of things I refused to do when I was a kid and now enjoy doing. Here are some things I do habitually:

    1) Sing in the shower – Deeply held belief: everyone should be creative and have fun, even if they’re lousy at it.
    2) Play hoops in the driveway – Deeply held belief: taking a break from work actually makes you more productive.
    3) Cruise social media looking for great causes – Deeply held belief: many people can be helped easily if only they are noticed.
    4) Juice – Deeply held belief: Being healthy is key to living a happy life.
    5) Laugh – Deeply held belief: It really IS the best medicine. 😉

    Hope I didn’t junk up your replies too much. Have a nice Hump Day!


    • Whitney Johnson

      Love it Dan!