17 Yr-old Kira Stone | I love to write and sing songs!

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A few months ago, Nate Quigley, Founder and CEO of Just Family, e-mailed me with, “You have got to hear Kira Stone sing!  You must have her guest blog!  My daughters think she's fantastic!”  I have to agree.  Give her a listen.


My name is Kira Stone, and I am a singer and a songwriter. I am also a senior in high school, a sister, a daughter, a Mormon, a performer, a Broadway enthusiast, a fourth generation California girl and a popcorn fanatic.

I am here to share with you my lifelong dream of writing and performing songs! I think that sharing my songs, for me, is a way that I can relate to many different kinds of people, even if I don't know them personally. When I write a song, it always starts with the spark that a feeling, a thought, or an idea creates. And then I just try to run with it.  I get out my guitar and my notebook — and I write, rewrite, edit, and put myself into the song.

The songs that I write, I guess, have always been a part of me — they are the stories of my life.  My songwriting is a process of discovering those songs and stories and then shaping them into something that might bring happiness and fun and meaning to others.

I like to write in a way that allows many girls (and guys) to feel like they can relate to what I write and how I feel, and find a friend in me.  Songs are a way for me to have lifelong heart-to-heart conversations with friends around the world.  Music is amazing and powerful in that way – it can change a heart.


The first song I wrote and recorded was “Peter Pan.”  iTunes featured it as “New and Noteworthy,” and it was even in the iTunes top 50.  I didn’t even know that it had become that popular, until a friend showed me on her iPhone, and I was shocked!  I love children and childhood innocence, and I tried to capture that feeling in this song.  I made a homemade video that is up on YouTube, if you would like to watch it.

My 2nd song was Find Me Now, and my third was California Sound.  My fourth single will be released a week or two before Valentines Day in 2014 — it is a love song to a boy whom I haven’t yet met, called “I Just Want Your Heart.”  I am so so so excited to share my music and stories with you!  If you want to know about new songs as they are released, as well as performances, please follow me on Twitter (@kskira7), Facebook, and Instagram.

I always welcome thoughts, feedback, and advice, so please share them with me!!  Thank you for reading!  xo Kira

What do you think?


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