142. 2019 Year End Recap

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2019 has been a phenomenal year for the Disrupt Yourself podcast. We’ve had a wonderful array of guests (including some old friends and some “pinch me now” new acquaintances). I’ve especially loved the amazing conversations that have informed my path, both personally and as a coach. These conversations have certainly enriched my life, and I am hopeful that they have enriched your lives as well.

As I reflect on the year I’m relieved to find that this podcast is still in the “sweet spot.” Things are hard, but not too hard. Easy, but not too easy. Our team loves to reflect on our growth (we love a good S-Curve, after all), and as we’ve examined this year of podcasts we’ve reminisced about our favorite moments, episodes, and epiphanies. We also looked at reviews from our listeners and the most downloaded episodes to see what was resonating beyond our own team.  Today’s podcast is a collection of moments from 2019 interviews, and hopefully they’ll inspire some helpful insights as you head into the new decade.

Thank you to our entire team at WLJ Advisors who bring these episodes to life each week. And thank you—our listeners—for downloading and listening. We really couldn’t do this without you.

2020, here we come!

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Takeaways from this episode:

  • Our most-listened to episode was with author and researcher Brene Brown. The clip in this episode is of Brene speaking candidly about how she’s dealing with an issue in her life in real-time, and having been a follower of hers for years I found her authenticity very meaningful.
  • James Clear was another commonly downloaded episode, and it had a great impact on me personally. He shared the concept of the “compound interest of self-improvement,” and I took a personal challenge to improve my exercise routine. I committed to work out 5 minutes a day, increasing my time by 1% each time I exercised. A year later, I’m up to 27 minutes a day, and, more importantly, I’ve adopted the identity of someone who doesn’t miss workouts.
  • Donna Hicks’ work on dignity is so powerful, and I was excited to have it on our top list. I encourage you to listen to the entire episode—you’ll never think of dignity in the same way again!
  • A favorite episode of one of our sound engineers was with Marcus Buckingham, where we talked about strengths and how to double and triple down on them. There are lies we tell ourselves as leaders that can lead to disengagement in the workplace, and we had a wonderful discussion about the truth behind feedback. As he said, “Good job is the beginning of a conversation.”
  • A surprising interview was during our re-launch of Disrupt Yourself when I interviewed Buster Scher. He was just a teenager when he began building the huge multimedia platform “Hoops Nation,” and he had some profound words about pursuing our passions, even from a young age.
  • Carol Kauffman is known as the “Coaches’ Coach,” and I was particularly intrigued by her answer to my question, “What’s the difference between therapy and coaching?”
  • Embracing Constraints is one of the seven accelerants of disruption, and our episode surrounding this idea featured Jonathan Mendonza of Choose FI. I love this quote from him: “I think very few of us are trailblazers, but we can follow a path that someone else has marked, and that’s the key. Increase your zone of awareness and find out what other people have done because there is somebody that has had it objectively worse than you have had it, and the encouraging point is many of those people have figured out a way to overcome, and we can learn from that and we should be learning from that.”
  • I’ve been good friends with Liz Wiseman for years, but she surprised me when she told a story on the podcast that I’d never heard before! It was fun and inspiring, and showcases how you can find the way to summon the confidence you need to make the impossible happen.
  • As the final note for 2019, enjoy the “mashup” created during my conversation with composer Stephen Nelson. He graciously allowed me to put him on the spot, and he brilliantly combined two of my favorite songs—Isn’t She Lovely and Do-Re-Mi.

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