241. Tanya Dalton: When We Don’t Know What’s Possible, Anything’s Possible

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If you're not great at long-term planning, you're not alone. In fact, the human brain is wired to seek short-term gains. Neuroscience even shows that we perceive our “future selves” as strangers — people we're aware of, but don't know personally.

These ideas intrigue our guest Tanya Dalton, a productivity expert whose new book “On Purpose” unpacks success and motivation through a variety of lenses: perfectionism, fear, psychology, and being a woman in a world that suffers from bias.

Tanya's practical toolkit for knocking down productivity barriers confirms what we know deep down: Most of our blockers are self-inflicted. Most of our fears are not of failure, but of public perception. And when purpose and productivity align, the sky's the limit.

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