250. Why You Should Hire People Into Roles They’re Not Qualified For (Yet)

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The S Curve of Learning is about personal development — our skills, mastery, and career aspirations. But applying it to teams unlocks a whole new way to run a business. After all, the individual is the fundamental unit of any company.

In her latest article for the Harvard Business Review titled “Manage Your Organization as a Portfolio of Learning Curves,” Whitney expounds on why it's not enough to track your team's performance and goals. Knowing where each individual is on their personal S Curve has huge ramifications for talent development, team configuration, and the long-term health of your business (long after your current team has moved on).

Some of this advice may seem counter-intuitive. Having a dream team at 100% mastery sounds like a win … until they all get bored and leave. And hiring a person who is underqualified for a role sounds like a recipe for disaster … unless you're thinking about the big picture.

Disruption Advisors coach and veteran broadcaster Steve Ludwig joins this episode as a guest host to interview Whitney about the HBR article and how it connects to her new book Smart Growth, which is available for pre-order now.

Read the full article: https://hbr.org/2022/01/manage-your-organization-as-a-portfolio-of-learning-curves

Pre-order Smart Growthhttps://www.amazon.com/Smart-Growth-Grow-People-Company-ebook/dp/B08TCJZ7ST

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