Ask Away

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I got off the T this morning thinking, I need to stop by the Bostonian Tailor and ask if he'll give me a discount on the leather pants he's altering.

No, that's silly.  We already agreed to the price.

Ask anyway.

I opened the door.  A little bell jingled my arrival.  The tailor was sitting at his sewing machine.

“I know we've already agreed on a price, but I'm trying to practice negotiating,” I said.  “Will you give me a 10% discount?”

He laughingly, but warmly, wondered, “Why 10%?”

“Arbitrary,”  I answered.

“A 10% discount will make me neither rich, nor poor, and it will give you joy.  There is more to life than money. Yes.”

He made a notation and we were done.

I struggle to ask for what I want.  Perhaps you do too.  Today I practiced.  If I can ask for a discount, then I am one step closer to asking for a piece of my dream.

What will you ask for?

Oh, and in case you're wondering — I will most definitely go back to this tailor.

For more on asking and negotiating, click here.

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