Join a community of experts dedicated to disruption & growth

Certified Disruption Advisors support leaders, teams, and organizations traveling the S Curve to achieve their goals.

Become a Disruption Advisor

Who Are Disruption Advisors

A group of expert coaches helping leaders at FORTUNE 500 companies achieve peak performance.


Part of a community of experts dedicated to growth and disruption


Vetted and certified representatives of our proprietary frameworks


Have access to a proven suite of tools for coaching, workshops, and more

As a certified Disruption Advisor you are equipped with the tools and frameworks to help executives and leaders navigate and manage change, become more innovative, and facilitate growth. Join an elite group of executive coaches helping leaders across the world achieve peak performance.

The Certified Coach Package includes in-depth training with Whitney Johnson on the S Curve, the S Curve Insight Platform and the Seven Accelerants for Growth.

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Your personal disruption framework is something every single person should keep in mind. It is a magical concept!

Ricardo Vargas

Former Executive Director, The Brightline Initiative

Become a Certified Partner

Grow your business and gain access to proprietary tools and frameworks.

Become a Partner

Benefits of Certification

A community of experts dedicated to disruption and growth

Why Become a Certified Partner?

Certified partners undergo an extensive vetting and certification process to ensure they are fluent in the language of disruption and growth.

Add value to your business employing proven tools and frameworks.

Learn best practices as a member of the community of Disruption Advisors.

Stay on the cutting edge of your own growth, with opportunities for additional learning and certifications.

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Thank you for all you did to make the certification course a great process. You did a brilliant job facilitating learning in the community. It was inspiring to be a part of the group.

Maureen Breeze

Receive Access to the S Curve Insight Platform

As a certified partner you will have access to a dynamic leadership development tool, proven to help individuals, teams and organizations transform––an important addition to your coaching toolkit.

Step 1.

Give the Assessment

Help your client discover where they are on their current growth curve.

Step 2.

Accelerate Growth

Provide actionable insight into how they can grow faster.

Step 3.

Achieve Potential

Build momentum by coaching to their curve.

Become a Certified Partner

Grow your business and gain access to proprietary tools and frameworks.

Become a Partner

The S Curve framework has enabled me to become a better coach. I am better able to help my clients understand where they are and what tools they can use to move up their curve. Becoming a certified Disruption Advisor has been pivotal in my coaching career.

Logan Davis