Clear the Clutter

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Our home had become cluttered.

We didn't set out for to this to happen.
I wasn't aware how much of a burden the clutter had become.
Or how much my physical space was a picture of the criticism, blame and shame in my head.

Until, my husband decided to de-clutter our bedroom.

He started with just one wall.

That wall is now blank, except for our watercolor of a rooster — that I love.


Now when I walk into our room, I feel calm, not claustrophobic.
Mentally relieved.

He's also cleared out both of our kids' rooms.
Several garbage and Goodwill bags later, our children are spending more time in their rooms.
They are more productive, happier.

Over the past few months, I've been yearning to dream and do bigger.
Without out the drag and clatter of the clutter,

These bigger dreams just may take flight.

What clutter do you need to clear from in your physical, virtual or mental space?

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