Customer CEO by Chuck Wall

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Chuck Wall, the founder/author of Customer CEO, has interviewed over 100,000 customers, making him an expert in customer understanding. Because Facebook (and Twitter) have taught me to think in sound bites, for your 140-character consumption, here is some of what I underlined:

Consumers are statistics.  Customers are people. — Stanley (of Nieman) Marcus v @customerceo

Customers are the people who write the checks, debit the accounts or barter the chickens.  They are the me. – @customerceo

“What's it really like to be your customer?” @donpeppers v @customerceo

The more people enjoy your product because of its simplicity, the more they will use and recommend it to others. @customerceo

Shower your customers with respect; they'll love you for it. @customerceo


If customers were food, they would be onions. After you peel back a few layers, it's amazing what you discover. — @customerceo

The 9x effect: sellers overvalue their new product by a factor of 3; buyers overvalue the old by 3x. – J. Gourville v  @customerceo

If you make your customer do extra work, some upstart will come after you. @customerceo #disruptyourself

Kill services and features your customers don't use, and optimize the ones that do. @customerceo

Your best insight comes from outsight:  getting outside of you to see and hear how your customers behave. @customerceo

What if your employees weren't allowed to say no? @customerceo

Saying yes means telling the truth.  Which is why so many companies say no. — @customerceo

Yes companies go viral.  @customerceo

Customers buy the why before the what. @customerceo


What's your best customer experience?  What do your customers think of you?

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