Decide to Dare

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A few weeks ago, Liz Strauss, one of my social media role models, said, “Decide has the same etymology as suicide patricide, genocide, fratricide.  When you decide, “you kill off all other options.” While I shrank at associating the word decide with these repugnant “cides”, she’d gotten my attention.  And I found myself wondering am I indecisive?  Because if you were to ask me an often dreaded job interview question, “What do you want to be doing five years now?”  If I were honest, I’d have to say, I don’t know.

In fact, I often compare my approach to life as being similar to that of an e-mail packet. When you hit the send button, the e-mail can get routed any number of different ways.  If it goes one way, and one checkpoint is congested, the packet will get re-routed, again and again.  The wonder of it is, and what I needed to remind myself after my conversation with Ms. Strauss is that with rare exception the e-mail does arrive, and in seconds.  It may not know how, but once we push the send button, the e-mail knows exactly where it wants to go.

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So what decisions have I made?

For starters — I've decided I'll strive to do good and be good, to mother well, and to encourage others to dream.  In making these decisions, I’ve cut off all other options, including the option to fail.

You have no doubt made your own big decisions.

Said C.S. Lewis, “Do not dare not to dare.”

What have you decided?

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