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179: Robert Glazer: Friday Forward

Most of us desire to be more intentional in our personal and professional lives. We want to steer life rather than have it steer us – but where do

178. Mark Metry: Screw Being Shy

Our guest this week Mark Metry is, as he puts it, a 22-year-old trying to do his best during his limited time on planet earth. Mark is a driven

177. Livingston Taylor: Stories from the Stage

Our guest this week, Livingston Taylor, is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, pianist, performer, recording artist and teacher. He has enjoyed a storied career that has spanned five decades. Livingston

176. Darrell Rigby: The Agile Life

Our guest today, Darrell Rigby, is an expert in the philosophy called Agile. According to Darrell, “Agile always begins thinking from the customer backward. What is the customer’s problem?

175. Mary L. Gray: Ghost Work

Open google, type a word or a phrase, any phrase... red car, modern couch, dog, and a slew of results will populate your browser window. Who is responsible for

174. Buster Benson: Why Are We Yelling

Conflict is becoming an ever more present reality in our lives, yet most of us try desperately to avoid it. The widening gap between the world in which we

172: Michelle McKenna: Change Agents

Organizational change can be a disorienting experience. We all have bristled against it at one time or another, unnerved by the unknown. However, leaning into change and following the

165. Hubert Joly: Focus on Purpose

When he was growing up as a child in France, Hubert Joly was helping his veterinarian godfather when he learned an important lesson about purpose - it was important

164. David Peterson: Reflect and Learn

Today on the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, our guest is Dr. David Peterson. David has been the Director of Leadership and Coaching at Google since 2011, Chief Transformation Officer at

161. Alex Osterwalder: The Invincible Company

Today, on the Disrupt Yourself Podcast, we welcome innovation expert and one of the top-ranked thinkers in the world, Alex Osterwalder. You'll hear how Alex views failure, about his

160. Battle Entitlement

Regardless of where we are on that S curve of learning - the launch point, the sweet spot, the high end - and regardless of who we are, we