Dream (and Disrupt) Roundup

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Here's what inspired me to dream and disrupt this week!

Writing this book is what I would do if I weren't afraid
. – Sheryl Sandberg

And that is how change happens. One gesture. One person. One moment at a time. ― Libba Bray  (v Adam Green)

Fear is a natural reaction to moving closer to the truth ― Pema Chödrön (v Peter Sims)

The original meaning of the word “perfect” from its Greek roots was not “without flaw” as it’s known in the English language in the last 400 years. The original root was about “completed for, or suited to a particular purpose.” We don’t have to be without flaw to be suited to a particular purpose. There are countless examples throughout history of great and flawed leaders who were perfectly suited to their purpose.
— From: Do you want to be perfect or powerful? by Henna Inam

It isn't disrespectful to the complexity of existence to suggest that despair is, often, just low blood sugar + exhaustion.Drake Baer


I asked an Olympian for his #1 training tip. He said: rest more. The hardest part of work is stopping working, but make space for growth. — Katherine Krug

To revel in the wonders of life, to think, to remember, to dream – this is to know happiness. – Giancarlo Di Gratsi (v User988)

There is a superpower that 90% of schools don't teach — coding. (v Kristy Williams, inspired by Angie Schiavoni of CodeEd)

Scarcity (of resources) breeds creativity, but abundance catalyzes hope.  — John Maeda (v Dave Birckhead)

Follow the trail of your dreams, not the highway of others' expectations. ~Unknown (v Ann Tran)

There is no perfect fit when you are looking for the next big thing to do. — Sheryl Sandberg

What inspired you?

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