Far Away and Nearby

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Do you remember the experiment we did with Push 44 last month?

We invited you to share a personalized link with your friends; your friends who entered received a chance to win a free, signed copy of Dare, Dream, Do and you could get a copy of Q Up Your Dreams, a book of quotes about dreaming.

Yesterday, we randomly chose a winner from the entrants: Mark Carrington, a consultant from Sydney, Australia.  Even before its release, there's some derring-do trotting around the globe.  Thank you!

Now that we are exactly two weeks until launch (May 8), we have dreamed up another opportunity for you to get involved.

This time, the prize is a bit closer to (my) home. When you share the book page of Dare, Dream, Do, using a link generated here, you'll be entered for a chance to win lunch a with me. Since travel expenses are not included, I am expecting that the winner of this promotion will be someone in Boston, New York, or somewhere else nearby.  (Unless of course you happen to plan a trip to New England…)

I have to confess, this feels like a reward for me. You share, and I have the chance to get to know you, a chance to say thank you in person. Plus:  one-on-one lunches are my very favorite way to get to know new friends.

Secondarily, I am increasingly intrigued by how ideas and promotions become viral. How far can our collective reach extend?  What's the tipping point of impact?

If you're curious, too, I hope you'll try it out. I'll write about the results and announce the winner in a blog post in mid May.

Thank you again for sharing the book, for giving voice to the stories of those who have dreamed within these pages.

May this, in turn, help you give voice to your own dreams.

photo credit Jimmy Harris

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