Feedback is a Gift

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A few weeks ago I mustered the courage to ask for feedback.

“You are good.  Here's what you can do to be even better…”

Direct, unapologetic, concrete, encouraging.


Several weeks prior, I spoke to a journalist who had just read Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In.

“I am impressed,” she said, “at how exuberantly Sandberg asks for the critique.”

Perhaps Sandberg understands that positive feedback is for beginners, negative for experts.


It's difficult to ask for.

To give.

Then receive.

In the wrong hands a critique can kill you dead.

It can feel like a referendum on you.

In the right hands, feedback is a gift.

It helps you get better faster, much faster.

The door knob to a dream.


Do you ask for critiques?

Do you ask the right people to critique your work?

People who you trust enough to be vulnerableBut still have the expertise to be valuable?

“At the heart of every piece of critical feedback is a dream of a better way to interact with each other.”@edbatista

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