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Because I am a BIG BELIEVER in encouraging young girls to dream, I am thrilled to feature Georgia (Age 12) and Macy (10-corrected) who recently started Bottle Cap Beauties made out of customized bottle caps.  You can choose your own paper, design, initials, etc. Each necklace is $6; each additional bottle cap is $2.  They also have Scrabble letter tiles available for the same price.

Bottle cap bracelet

Below are some questions that I asked Georgia.  The answers are in her own words with some minor spelling edits by me.

How did you decide to start Bottle Cap Beauties?
Well, I am really creative, I have a big imagination, and i love art so i decided to share my love of art by selling necklaces.  I needed an assistant so I decided to ask my sister, Macy, if she would help.  She said yes and so we bought everything and told all our friends and until this day we have been very successful and have made lots of money.  It is lots of fun. 

Long bottlecap bracelet

What are some of your favorite designs?
There are so many designs i don't think i have a favorite. Every one that we have made has been adorable, and everybody loves them.

How did you get the idea for these necklaces?
My friend in Colorado had the idea first and said that it would be cool if we had the same businesses but in different states. So we share ideas and have lots of fun!!!!!!!


Bottle cap necklace

Any suggestions for mothers who want to buy something for their daughters?
These necklaces are very unique; the design you pick should match you/your daughters' personality.  You can put up to 4 letters on each bottle cap.  Most people do their first initial.  You can have as many bottle caps as you want. I also do Scrabble tiles.

I love Georgia's exuberance.  She thought this would be fun; she knows she loves art (note that she was perfectly comfortable saying she was good at this), invited her sister to join in (asked her mother for help who initially reached out to me), and off she went.


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