The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens

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On this week that is sacred for so many, I am sharing with you The God Who Weeps by Terryl and Fiona Givens, a book full of beautiful poetry, and one that helped me see God afresh. (Unless otherwise noted, everything below is a direct quote.  Please cite accordingly.)

No picture ever painted fully explains the vast landscape of human experience.  Science doesn’t try to, and religion often fails. – T/G Givens

The greatest act of self-revelation occurs when we choose what we will believe. – T/G Givens

When faith is freely chosen gesture, it expresses something essential about the self.  For we do indeed create gods after our own image. And that is an activity endowed with incalculable moral meaning.

That God has a heart that beats in sympathy with ours is the reality that draws us to Him.

A sense of unease in the world and poignant yearnings and shadowy intimations of an eternal past, attest to a timeless heritage at the core of human identity.

Heaven will consist of those relationships that matter most to us.

Evidence does not construct itself into meaningful patterns. That is our work.

All that we love, all that we strive for, all that we relish, we know only by contrast.

In the Garden story, good and evil are found on the same tree, not in separate orchards.

God weeps

“Let me be taught the mystery of my being.”  – Lord Byron

“All unrest is but the the struggle of the soul to reassure herself of her inborn immortality.” — Amos Bronson Alcott

What is always at stake in any decision we make is what that choice turns us into.

That which dominates our imaginations and our thoughts will determine our lives, and our character… What we are worshiping we are becoming.

God would not have commanded us to forgive each other seventy times seven, if He were not prepared to extend to us the same mathematical generosity.

We pass through birth and death as individuals.  But the years in between are filled with the unceasing search for community for companionship, for intimacy.

Holiness is found in how we treat others, not in how we contemplate the cosmos.

“Glory be to God for dappled things.” — Gerard Manley Hopkins

“We are put on earth a little space, that we might learn to bear the beams of love.” – William Blake

“A grateful mind by owing owes not.” – Milton

God’s heart is set upon us.

Have you read the book?
What did you think?
How are you celebrating this season?


Terryl Givens is a professor of literature and religion at the University of Richmond.  Fiona Givens recently retired from directing the French Language program at Patrick Henry High School in Richmond Virginia.  They are the parents of six children.

P.S.  Thank you Diane Pritchett for the recommendation.

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