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My least favorite season is winter.

I'm more a springtime/summer gal — when the days are long and getting longer, warm and getting warmer. Not really an ideal outlook given that I live in Massachusetts — and winter comes every year. So, today I'm going to jot down what about winter I do like.

I'm grateful for skiing.  I've loved to ski since I was a child, to race down a hill, feel the wind in my face, and I can only do this in the wintertime.

Sarah Jane Winter CheerSource:  Sarah Jane Studios, Etsy

But there's a more universal aspect of winter in the Northeast.  Snow days, for instance, when we are tucked in our homes by a white down comforter, we shovel snow, and dive into the comfort of corn chowder and homemade bread.  Life is on pause.  And though the days are shorter and darker, and sometimes things feel more difficult as a consequence, I am learning to appreciate this quiescent season; to recognize the value of letting things lie fallow.

And that is a good thing.

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