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I can taste tacos, strawberries, hot fudge; quench my thirst with icy-cold water.
I can see the glistening snow-covered trees, watch TV, work at my computer, read books.
I can play the piano, type out this blog, sign my name.
I can feel the splash of water, the wind and sun on my face.
I can hear the Brand New Heavies, Diana Krall.
I can talk, sing, laugh and cry.
I can ski, climb, ride a bike, run, walk.
I conceived (with a lot of help from my husband!) and bore two wonderful children.
I can kiss and hug those I love.

All, courtesy my body.

Source:  istockphoto

When I need to slow down, or change course, my body kindly gets sick.  I have surgery.  It heals.

I have abused my body by eating poorly, sleeping too little, and by telling it that it is fat and unattractive.

And yet, my body continues to suit up and show up, so that I can see, hear, taste, touch.


How has your body served you?

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