Grateful: Day 15

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Yesterday, after school, Mr. Hadly, the science/music teacher at St. Peters, spent two hours rehearsing with my children and dozens of others for the spring production of Les Miserables; I know he's paid to stage this production, but when I consider what he is giving to our children, he will never get paid what's he's worth.  That's true for all of their teachers, at school and at church.

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When David becomes an Eagle Scout, it will in large part be thanks to dozens of men/women like Brandt Hendrickson, Ann Bach and Rich Baker.  When Miranda wanted to learn to sew, Danalee Abernethy helped with her first sewing project; Macy Robison helped prep her for the school play auditions; Kathleen Stone taught both kids how to ski.  Rachael Hutchins has cared for Miranda as if she were her own.

Further, there are dozens of adults who, when they see our children, smile at them, call them by name, reinforcing that they have a place in the world.

My children are loved.

Profoundly grateful.

Who are the people that influence and help you raise your children?

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