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A century ago (or elsewhere in the world), I would have had to live with my increasingly debilitating intestinal problems, an ailment that would have dampened productivity, and my overall well-being, for decades to come.  Pain-free surgery would have been an impossibility.

Instead, thanks to anesthesia, by the time I arrived in the operating room at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center on December 20, I was  completely out.  As Dr. Nagle expertly performed the laparascopic sigmoidectomy, I experienced no pain, and very little afterward.  During my two days of post-op recovery (there was never any doubt that I would recover!), I was attended to expertly, and gently, by residents, nurse practitioners, nurses, and nurses aids.  Everything worked.  Splendidly.

Source:  istockphoto

Two weeks later, I'm on the mend.  I'm not 100%, but the recovery has been rapid enough, I could almost overlook just how miraculous modern-day medicine is.  And how grateful I am for a corp of physicians and nurses with good bedside manner.


How is your life different because of modern-day medicine?

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