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It's true that my playing the piano for Macy Robison as she performs Children Will Listen:  Reflections on Mothering at Time Out for Women beginning on February 4, is incremental.

But it wouldn't have come about if I didn't know how to play piano.

I first started playing after I saw The Sound of Music; so inspired was I, I plunked out Do-Re-Mi.   Because I started tinkering at three, I don't remember what it's like not to be able to play.  In other words, I can't really imagine a me that doesn't play.

Source:  istockphoto

Because of my “what is” skill, I occasionally accompany gifted vocalists like Macy Robison. In collaborating, we have a wonderworking experience of giving utterance to emotions/feelings that simply can't be conveyed through the spoken or written word.

When my music helps others to feel something they couldn't otherwise feel, to believe something that they may not have quite believed about themselves, I feel connected — and jubilant.

What did you learn to do as a young child — whether playing the piano, or riding a bike — that you can't remember not knowing how to do it?

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