Grateful: Sunday, January 23

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Last night I attended Fusion, a salon-style discussion group started by Margaret Busse, Becky Lloyd, and Jen Thomas in 2007.

It's not easy to start and maintain this purely-elective kind of group.  Of the women in attendance last night, each has two to six children, most still at home, and a dizzying number of commitments, between, home, community, church and work.  Often we'll want to attend, and then we don't because we have so many competing priorities. So when we do show up, something special happens.  I undoubtedly experienced systergy more keenly last night because it was my turn to lead the discussion.  But I felt it two months ago when Leslie Graff  on her domestic art series, just like I always do.

Source:  istockphoto

Were our other priorities to take precedence, this moment in time we share at Fusion could vanish.  And on snowy days, I especially acknowledge this possibility.  But it's not a bet I'm willing to take.  When I'm with this group of women, some of whom I know well, others less so, we learn together and from one another, we comfortably trot out our minds and our hearts, and we feel a sense of community.

And I always arrive home happier.


Do you have a group of women with whom you can engage with several levels, both mind and heart?

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