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Tacos make me happy.

So do quesadillas, tamales and enchiladas.

Whenever I'm in California, Utah, Arizona or Texas (or Mexico) — I make a beeline for the nearest Mexican restaurant.  If it's a taco stand, even better.

Source: istockphoto

I ate a lot of Mexican food growing up, between my mother's home-cooked meals (she's from Safford, a nook-of-a-town in Southeastern Arizona), and our nearly weekly pilgrimages to Alicia's in San Jose.

When I write my recipe story, my mother's tacos will make the top five.

We all have food that nourishes us, that reminds us of where we came from.  When we feel nourished, we are better able to act, and not be acted upon, to pursue our dreams.

I'm in Texas this weekend for SXSW — there is Mexican food aplenty.


What foods nourish and comfort you?


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