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When my husband and I moved to Manhattan, we lived in Washington Heights, 168th and Haven Avenue, near the George Washington Bridge. It was a rough part of town. I was frightened; I wouldn't go anywhere without him for a week.

But necessity did take over.  We needed to eat while he was getting his PhD.  So I eventually braved the city to job hunt, and within weeks began work. Days and months passed. Then years. We moved to Boston a decade later.

Two decades later, I hardly recognize my younger self; a large part of the credit goes to New York.

Source:  istockphoto

There are places where each of us emerge, becoming more of who we are.

That place for me is Manhattan.

Forever grateful.

Is there a place for you that was formative?

Did you intend to go there?  Or did you go there for someone else?

Where is that place?  

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