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Here's my latest HBR blog.

After you read the piece, I'd love for you to weigh in, here or there.

In the meantime, it occurs to me there are other reasons we choose to work alone.  Someone approaches us, our children, for example.  Why do we often opt out?



P.S.  The following paragraph ended up in the delete bin.  I think it does hamper the flow, but I do like it.  It comes right after the first paragraph ending with “child's play.”

We praise championship teams such as Barcelona’s Football Club (Barca) and applaud bi-partisan legislation, holding up these models of teamwork like tween girls waving posters of Justin Bieber, hoping if we make it look easy enough, we’ll tilt the global zeitgeist from one of conflict to cooperation.   And yet, when collaboration is essential to get something done in our sphere of influence, more often than not, rather than behaving like world champion soccer players, we approach the task at hand like children in the sandbox tussling over who gets the shovel.

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