HBR Blog: Harnessing Those Hard-Won Skills

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A funny thing happened on the way to writing these posts of looking at personal disruptive innovation.  I was just going to write just one, then two, and now this most recent piece Harnessing Those Hard-Won Skills is the third of what I expect will be four posts.

After you read the post over at HBR, below are some additional musings:

Are sustaining skills always hard-won?  Probably not.  Last night as I was driving home, thinking through my list of things to do, I realized that I was prioritizing things that I like to do, that will help me do what I already do, better.  But, if we really want to do what we do disruptively well better, we need to add in things that don't come easily, like learning html code.  I am constrained with what I can do on my blog,  not only because I don't know how to code, but because in not knowing, there are things that it won't even occur to me to do (e.g. I don't even know what's on the menu).  And that limits my ability (our ability) to engage here at dare to dream.

Another example.  My accountant, Carol Sanchez, has been encouraging me hire a bookkeeper who will teach me how to use Quicken for my personal accounts.  Sure I could hire this out, but isn't it also true that if I keep my own books — even for a time — that apart from making sure there's food on the table, I will be more expert at knowing how to garner and when to allocate financial resources to my dreams and to those that I love.


What are your hard-won skills?

What are your disruptive skills?

How do the hard-won skills help you do what you do disruptively well better?


P.S.  Hat tip to Macy Robison for telling me about Zack Arias who, in addition to being a talented photographer is also a master teacher.

P.P.S.  I have a blog half-way done about my experience of accompanying Macy for her musical recording.  Will you give me a gentle nudge so that I will get it posted?


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