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There have been several recent news articles that I find concerning, including Newsweek‘s Women Will Rule the World and The Atlantic‘s The End of Men.

I am all about women pursuing our dreams (ergo this blog), but not at the expense of men.  As I scan these headlines, I wonder about the implications of framing women's rise in the management ranks as an either/or — men win or women win, but not both.

Something I'd like to explore a bit more here is what our increasing influence means for our character.  Meaning, what happens when the power we wield increases significantly, whether at home or in the community.   Are there times when we are as the young vampires in Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, succumbing to an unquenchable thirst?  Are there also occasions when we exercise self-restraint and control?  Certainly, for those of us that are parents, we exercise self-restraint daily.

Here's the post:  Venus May be Rising, But Don't Neglect Mars.

What are your thoughts?

How do we pursue our dreams in a way that enlivens women, as well as the men/boys in our lives?

What do we have to gain by finding this middle, albeit more complicated, middle ground?

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