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The below, a companion piece to my HBR post The Holiday Card Quandary, includes two examples of  finding the right mix of ‘efficient' and ‘personal'. The images are courtesy of Macy Robison Photography.

Menzie Family:
The photo shoot was at the Menzie's favorite camping site.  It provides a glimpse into their family's summer reading challenge; they are sitting on a quilt made by Rebecca.  This card harnesses technology.  It's unique to the Menzie family.  Add a personal note — and it's a perfect communique.

Menzie Family

Sanderson Family:
Matt Sanderson, a lawyer in D.C., writes, “We enjoy sending cards and keeping in touch, but I've found it vital to my career to send a custom card every holiday season.  Maintaining those connections with people is key. When we design the cards, we leave space to write a personal note if one is necessary.  If a note isn't necessary, having recent photos and family highlights from the year right on the card provides a personal touch.”


What about your holiday cards?

Will you share links to cards (or blogs or essays — any type of communication) you think are the right mix of efficient and personal?

Are these ideas relevant to other aspects of our lives, including daring to dream?

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