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No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it. Albert Einstein

My husband: One of the organizing magazines should do an entire issue on the iPhone.

Me: Really?

My husband: The iPhone is perfect for organizing your life — phone, music, maps, calendar all in one place.

Me: Neat…(moving on to the next topic…and my perfectly adequate Blackberry)…Honey, have you seen my phone anywhere?

Perhaps my way of thinking is one in a million, but unlikely.

Question: how many women do you see waiting in line for the iPhone? Exactly.


Source: iPhone waiting line, Burlington MA — Mark Kriegsman on Flickr

You may be asking — does it really matter if you and I have little to no interest in the iPhone?

In the iPhone specifically? Probably not.

But technology generally? I think it does.

If we haven't any interest in, or grasp of technology, no matter how masterfully we do the ‘woman thing' as Tom Peters describes our innate competencies, it will be more difficult for us to accomplish our dream.

So, with the myth of Psyche as a backdrop, let me ask you a question:

Is there something that you've been trying to accomplish that would be easier, faster, less frustrating if you understood technology even a baby step better?

Learning to include images on my blog is a perfect example.

I was reluctant because I didn't know how, and didn't really want to know how. However, as I realized that images could help me better encourage you to dream (because this is one of my dreams), I finally decided, ok — I'm going to learn.

And I have. And what a sense of accomplishment I feel.

What technology-related skill can you learn quickly (less than 1/2 an hour) that will help your dream take flight?

1. Do you find articles on line that you like, and want to save them, but don't know how or where to keep them without printing them out, or e-mailing them to yourself?

2. Maybe you love photography, and want to have somewhere to post and share your photos, why not take a look at Flickr.

3. Perhaps you have handmade goods that you'd like to sell, but don't have a marketplace for them. Try Etsy.

4. Or maybe you want to find your voice and/or feel you have something to say, and eventually want to write a book. Why not break up your writing into bite-sized pieces with a blog; Andy Wibbels' Blogwild! was helpful in getting me started.

Do you agree or possibly disagree with my basic premise? Maybe you love the iPhone and technology. In which case, would you consider logical/mathematical intelligence to be one of your strengths?

Has there been a technology-related skill that you learned recently that has moved you closer to your dream?

If you know you need this type of skill, and don't know where to start, post a comment, and tell us what it is. Maybe someone here knows how to, or can at least point you in the right direction.

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