201. Jennifer Aaker & Naomi Bagdonas: Humor, Seriously

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Trying something new requires you to disrupt your current thought patterns and one of the best ways to pattern interrupt while also lowering stress, is humor. Laughing lowers stress – so much so – that simply the anticipation of laughter, just thinking about it, decreases cortisol (stress hormone) and epinephrine (our flight hormone) by 39 and 70% respectively.

Our guests this episode, Dr. Jennifer Aaker and Naomi Bagdonas, understand the benefits of humor better than most. The two teach “Humor: Serious Business”, at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. a course designed to help the business minded serious folk experience, through humor, more joy in their lives. Jennifer and Naomi have documented their insights and learnings in their latest book, Humor, Seriously.

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Jennifer and Naomi share their scientific based discoveries regarding the reverberating impact of laughter on leadership, teams, health, relationships and overall wellness. We learn the different humor styles they uncovered through their research – Standup, Sweetheart, Magnet and Sniper – and discover how drawing upon each, can help us show up better for one another.

Our discussion is full of information and laughter, reminding me of the emotional and physiological benefits of flexing my own joy muscle. Lucille Ball, famously said, “I am not funny. What I am is brave.” After spending time with Jennifer and Naomi, I can honestly say I feel braver, more open to fun. I hope this interview does the same for you.

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