162. Kelly Goldsmith: The Paradox of Uncertainty

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My guest today is Kelly Goldsmith. Kelly received her Ph.D. from Yale, is now a professor at Vanderbilt, where she's received numerous teaching awards including being one of the youngest professors ever to be nominated for Professor of the Year at Kellogg where she taught previously.

Kelly studies how people respond to uncertainty and scarcity, uncovering the seemingly paradoxical effects, which is why I wanted you to hear from her. Pursuing a disruptive course involves embracing constraints, the lack of something, which in addition to her academic research, Kelly knows about first hand, not only because she went on the job market in 2008, but because she was a contestant on Survivor: Africa, the third season of Survivor.

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In a time when things feel scarce – resources, social interaction, etc. – Kelly's research is extraordinarily helpful. Not only as we lean into constraints, but as we manage our thoughts.

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