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Last fall I took a hiatus from blogging.

There were a number of reasons that played into this decision.  One of them, which I didn't recognize at the time, had to do with the days getting shorter, the weather colder.

At night we sleep, and in that sleeping there is resolution and renewal, both physically and psychologically.

In the winter, we do something similar.


Source:  istockphoto

But because we can't fully hibernate, living off our mental and physical reserves the way animals can, there needs to be some activity.  Activity in which we tend to and care for ourselves.

We each tend to our selves differently.  The how isn't important.

What matters is that we do.

And when we do, and the long winter is over, we will again burst forth with life.

Like flowers in springtime.

What are some of the things that you are doing to nurture yourself this winter?

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