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172ab13I'm eager to kick off 2014.

I've done lots of reading, thinking, planning and dreaming over the holiday.

But I wonder if I am giving 2013 a proper farewell.

There have been years to which I said good riddance, but mostly I say a melancholy goodbye.

The beginning of a year means the end of another, along with its own hopes and dreams, and there is a loss. Perhaps this is a sadness we all feel. And a moment of silence is appropriate.

Shouldn't there be joy too?

When someone we love passes on, we grieve, there may even be a pinch of relief, but don't we also celebrate the life they lived, the good they did.

Why not accord a year of our lives a similar sendoff?

Philanthropist Ruth Ann Harnisch recently advised my colleagues and me on The, “I strongly suggest you make a list of your greatest triumphs of 2013!”

We all have public victories, but our most important triumphs may be hidden from view. Our biggest wins often come in the quiet of self, in the smallest oftweaks.

Either way, they are there.

“If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants,” said Isaac Newton.

Let us ring in the giant of 2014,
and not dwarf the accomplishments of years past.

Bring on the bubbly of dreaming.
But first — toast the triumphs.


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