96. Live Coaching Episode: Ryan Gottfredson

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The launch point of a learning curve can feel like a slog. There is so much to learn, and just keeping your head above water requires tremendous effort. When progress seems nonexistent it is human nature to feel impatient and want to change direction, but it is important to remember that you are making progress—and, if you stay focused and committed, someday you will hit the steep part of the curve and find yourself in the sweet spot.

My guest on the podcast today is Ryan Gottfredson, a leadership and management professor at Cal State Fullerton in California. I sent out the call a few months ago for another listener to be coached on the air, and Ryan was quick to volunteer as tribute. Ryan disrupted his life when he decided that his career in academia wasn’t as fulfilling (or lucrative) as originally hoped. Desiring a change, he started up a “side gig” relating to a topic near and dear to his heart: the importance of mindset.

Ryan is excited about his topic, but he’s also excited about having food to eat and electricity in his home, so he has diversified some of his interests to subsidize his income. In our coaching session, we discuss the importance of focus and not losing sight of what you ultimately want to do; open and closed mindsets; and the pros and cons of self-publishing a book. I was delighted to find that Ryan is also a devoted student: a few months after our initial conversation we met again, and he reported on the “homework” assignments I had given him. Ryan was wonderful to work with, and I’m hopeful that you will find something meant for you in this podcast.

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