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I met Mamak Charepoo this summer at the South Shore Women's Business Network; she has a Masters degree in Music from Carnegie Mellon, and in Fine Arts from Arizona State.  Recently, she's learned to make music with money and she's coaching others on how to do the same.  Here's her story.


All my life I followed my heart and did what I loved. That should have been enough but it wasn’t.

Seven years ago I found myself separated, divorced and the sole provider for my 3 kids, ages 10, 7 and 2. I knew how to take care of their mind, heart and soul but not how to provide for them. You see even though I had 2 masters in music, had received several awards, played with wonderful musicians and was pretty busy in my music career, I had no idea how to make what I loved doing into a lucrative business. I had become dependent in my marriage and had nothing to fall back on.

In that moment of desperation I did the only thing I knew how to do: I fell on my knees and begged God to help me. He did. I was given a life changing opportunity to train and nurture volunteers who wanted to teach spiritual classes in their neighborhood. It was consistent income doing what I loved and I could take my kids along. What more did I want!

That job ended after 4 years. I found myself remarried and looking for the next thing I was called to do in life. I got a call from a friend. After 10 minutes we became business partners. We decided that we were going to change the world by giving workshops to parents, teachers and administrators on the Nurtured Heart Approach®. That parenting approach had literally saved my family during the tumultuous years of the divorce. It made complete sense to start a business training others to use this transformative method that I was passionate about.

Once again I found myself doing what I loved but having no clue how to make it a business. Are you seeing the pattern? For 2 years we gave our services away, discounted and over delivered all in the hope of proving ourselves to others. The 2nd year, I had only one client.


One day in my frustration, lack of direction and reason for continuing the business, I looked over at my husband and I thought “What if something happens to him tomorrow? I will be in exactly the same place I was 7 years ago. I felt totally disempowered, dependent on my second husband and really scared.

Forced to confront myself. Sitting on my bed. Baffled.  I wondered:  How can an intelligent, creative and talented women not know how to make money? What was it about money and me? In attempt to pretend that I was neither scared nor overwhelmed, I had told myself that money would corrupt me, make me materialistic, take the purity out of what I loved.  It would bore me.  I even fed myself the lie that money doesn't mean anything.  Only what we say it means.

It was time to create a new story.

I passionately convinced my husband to invest in me even though I had no clue how to make back the investment. He listened, looked at me and said ”Yes”. Now I was really scared!

I enrolled in a yearlong training on how to run a coaching business. Along with that program came an opportunity to get certified as a Sacred Money Archetype Certified Coach® to help people heal their relationship with money.  The thought being this would be a smart business move.  But after the first five minutes on the introductory call, I realized that I needed this to heal MY relationship with money.   My problem wasn't the lack of opportunity to make money, but that I had repeatedly sabotaged myself, so that I could keep my distance from money — lest it should corrupt me.

I was scared, but I stayed the course.  I began to see behavior patterns.  I faced my resistance.  Over and again.

I'm doing what I need to do to build my business.  Picking up the phone to get speaking engagements, exposure and clients.  I am leading with my heart into the scary place — probably means it's the right place.

I have more momentum in five months than I did in two years with my prior business.

I'm daring to dream of success — and money.

Mamak Charepoo works with women entrepreneurs and professional women to transform their relationship with money so they can step into their value and claim their worthiness in their business and careers. She has been interviewed on Powerful Women Reveled and is a co-author of an upcoming coaching book by Natural Nutmeg Press. Mamak is the CEO and Founder of Charepoo Coaching and Consulting, has a Masters in Music from Carnegie Mellon, Master of Fine Arts from Arizona State University, is a Nurtured Heart® Advanced Trainer and Sacred Money Archetype® Certified Coach.


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