198. Margo Georgiadis: Future focused and extending legacies.

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Today we are joined by Margo Georgiadis. Margo is currently the President and CEO of Ancestry.com. Her career exemplifies the power of the S curve, in particular, the launch point.

Margo has traversed a series of launch points and subsequent S curves. She started her career at McKinsey, moved to Discovery where she was an Executive VP; then to Google where she was President of the Americas. Margo also served as the COO of Groupon, and before landing as the CEO at Ancestry she was the CEO of Mattel.

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In this episode, we discuss forging your own path and not being afraid to be the “only”. Margo shares the importance mentors have played in her life and tells us about her incredibly impressive mother – a tenacious woman that served in three separate presidential administrations. We learn how it looks to step back to grow and what her time at Google taught her about the importance of being comfortable with ambiguity.

Join us for a delightful interview with a prolific risk taker.

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